Cardio Imaging

Cardio Imaging | Diagnostic Radiology | Identify Heart Disorders 

A branch of diagnostic radiology is cardiac imaging. To identify heart disorders such heart disease, leaky heart valves, and problems in the size and structure of the heart, a cardiac radiologist oversees or performs medical imaging procedures. 

Cardio Imaging | Diagnostic Radiology | Identify Heart Disorders

Imaging methods include X-rays, ultrasound (echocardiograms), CT (computed tomography) scans, and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans are used by cardiac radiologists.

Cardio Imaging | Diagnostic Radiology |Tests Used to Monitor Your Heart 

These tests are used to monitor your heart, screen for heart illness, identify the source of your symptoms, screen for heart disease, and see if your medication is working.

Cardio Imaging | Cardiac (Heart) Imaging Services | Brief List of Heart Imaging Procedures 

Coronary Angiography using CT (CTCA)   
Scores for Coronary Artery Calcium 
A Heart MRI (Cardiac MRI) 

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