Oncology Imaging

Oncology Imaging | Innovative and Modern Medical Imaging 

Our specialist doctors can see, assess, and treat all cancer kinds thanks to advanced imaging, which frequently eliminates the need for exploratory surgery. 

Oncology Imaging | Innovative and Modern Medical Imaging

There are cutting-edge and novel imaging technologies and strategies to assess, diagnose, treat, and study all forms of cancer. 

Oncology Imaging | Innovative and Modern Medical Imaging

Doctors can make the most informed and precise diagnoses and recommend specialized treatments and therapies thanks to these cutting-edge imaging techniques. 

One of the most seasoned medical facilities in the region for using radioactive iodine (I-131) therapy to treat thyroid cancer is UT Southwestern

Services for Oncology Imaging: 

Here are a few examples of oncology imaging services:

Positron emission tomography (PET): Used to assess and diagnose cancer, as well as to ascertain if it is responding to treatment or spreading. 

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