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Ophthalmology imaging - 3, September 2021, Boston, MA – The world's foremost ophthalmology imaging core lab, Digital Angiography Reading Center (DARC), has been acquired by WorldCare Clinical (WCC), a worldwide imaging core lab situated in New York. Dr. Jason Slakter and Jeffrey Schneebaum founded DARC in 1998 to provide retinal imaging evaluation services for over 100 research sites, including sites in 70 countries.

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Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Branch and Central Vein Occlusion, Choroidal Melanoma, Uveitis, PCV, and Retinitis Pigmentosa are just a few of the conditions that DARC has studied. DARC offers trial design and reading expertise across several modalities utilized in ophthalmology studies, having read and processed more than 1.5 million ocular images in its 23-year existence.

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"Dr. Slakter and the DARC personnel have unrivaled competence in clinical trials for ocular safety and medicines evaluation," said Aaron Timm, WCC's Chief Executive Officer. "We look forward to working with the full DARC team to harness WCC's global platform to deliver scientific insight and operational excellence to aid sponsors throughout the world in guiding their critical development decisions," Timm continued.

Ophthalmology imaging | DARC personnel | Ophthalmology Studies and Trials

"We are pleased to be joining such a high-quality company that is a great match for DARC's principles and objectives," said Dr. Jason Slakter, DARC's medical director. With the addition of WorldCare Clinical, we will be able to enhance the services we provide to sponsors, including assisting in the development of vital new ophthalmic medicines and furthering our understanding of potential ocular toxicities associated with these therapies with systemic therapeutic agents undergoing clinical evaluation. ”

Ophthalmology imaging | DARC personnel | Ophthalmology Studies and Trials

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WorldCare Clinical is a global imaging CRO that combines scientific knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and operational excellence to improve the precision and accuracy of blinded independent central assessment of Phase I–IV clinical trial data. Thousands of sites in over 70 countries have been served by the company. WorldCare was started in 1992 by the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and it continues to work closely with the Harvard Hospital System and other top academic institutions. WorldCare Clinical has expanded organically and via strategic partnerships with top clinical research firms since its inception in 1992. 

Ophthalmology imaging | DARC personnel | Ophthalmology Studies and Trials

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